Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Dark of the Night - A story about finding Light in the Darkness

It was a cold dark night. Two men were chatting around fire, which was so feeble that neither of them was visible nor it could possibly provide them any comfort from the cold.
“All the wrong things happen in the night. All robberies, murders, even the devils like us are born because of the night.” one of them said while sharpening something over a rock. The other laughed a strange laugh as if chewing something. “I made a rhyme, I made a rhyme” he said in a very excited tone and then sang:
“In the Dark of the Night,
When everything gets out of sight.
Kill, steal, thrill before they put on the light;
Only idiots waste time thinking what’s wrong or right.
Before you take out the life, treasure their face with their fright;
Signal thy mate, rush to the window, quick and bright.
Don’t be scared of jumping from that height,
A robbery needs, you have that might.
We go for the kill, alright?
In the Dark of tonight!”

The man finished the song and bowed, while the other man tapped the knife on the rock as if clapping in praise. “Am just waitin’ for that little tinkilin’ candle light ove’ there, once they blow it out and begin to get naughty; we’re gonna go and slit their throats. That rich bogus would regret keeping money at his house.” he said, sliding his finger over the edge of the knife which was now sparkling with blood.

“I want his wife, as a squeeze, she’s a little cute thing. I see her at temple everyday. You sure, the King’s soldiers won’t interfere?” the man who was chewing, asked. “How’d they know if anything wrong gonna happen here? Walk like a shadow, attack like death and come out like silence.” the other replied.

Soon the candle was blown out and it was completely dark. The two men climbed the house with utmost care. “Cut the throat first” they thought and each one cut the throat of the person near him, on their bed, in their sleep. “Take everything you want” they thought and parted each other to open two treasure chests of the rich merchant. “Rush to the Window” One of the man appeared at the window. “Get lost again in the Dark of the Night” he thought but suddenly he realized his brother isn’t there. “Teeny!” he screamed his name. “I’m bitten! There was a snake in the chest! I also killed that sweet woman. Nothing’s right, in the dark of tonight! Come brother, help!” Teeny cried out loud. His brother instead tried to open the window but to no avail, it was locked. “How the hell it can get locked? It was open earlier!” he cried. Suddenly a spear struck him in the leg and he fell back.

“Fleeing? Leaving your little brother here to die?” the man knew the voice, he was right: it was the General. The soldiers had captured both the thieves, the one bitten by snake died; while the other kept crying and apologizing.
“Thank you sire!” The rich merchant, with his wife on his side said, bowing. Two mannequins, with red color flowing through their throat were lying on the bed. The thieves were fooled at every step and were finally caught. “How did you know, that we’ll rob here?” the thief asked. “Your brother followed the merchant’s wife everywhere; she complained of it to her husband, who in turn consulted to me. We tracked and saw & were delighted to find it was you. The most dangerous thief in the whole empire. We knew your brother would tell you about merchant’s wealth so he could get his hands on his wife. We knew your methods and let you in and caught you.” the general said. The thief was later put on trial and sentenced to death.
The merchant’s wife sat next to him and sang:
“Look outside it’s Beautiful Twilight,
Turn on the lights, let everything look bright.
With all their might, on their duty were our brave knights,
Now the scoundrels have been caught, Ah! What a delight!
No matter how bad it might get, in the end, the right always wins the fight,
Whether it’s in the bright of the day or the Dark of the Night.”

The merchant embraced her in an admiration and awe. He was filled with prideful joy at having such a courageous and wise wife. Then he blew out the candle without any fear. The darkness again dawned everywhere.


Julia said...

Welcome back alok! (Man of Wisdom :P ) Glad you're writing again. It's something diffrent, but loved the way the story is told, consice and amazing. bravo! Those poems within were beautiful. The earlier one like a sparkling star!

a reader said...

nice story!

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