Sunday, September 25, 2011

Through the Dark times- An Inspiring Poem

The poem was written by Man of Wisdom in one of his terrific journeys. The poem deals with what Man of Wisdom dealt at that time: oppositions, suffering, defeats, nervous breakdowns, being left alone, humiliation, no interest in life’s day to day activities and then, finally he thought about giving it all up and getting rid of all the seemingly impossible difficulties by letting his life go. He thought that ending his life would also put an end to his miseries. Just before jumping from the edge of the very high mountains, he was passing through, he blamed God because he never himself doubted God's presence but still he was facing these fiasco. He lost his hope and he stopped believing in his destiny. He stopped trailing on his Untrailed Path…

He was going through the darkest times of his life, but still he was Man of Wisdom. He believed in God throughout his life and like the tiny light glittering at the end of the long dark tunnel, he thought about going through his difficulties one more time even if it might turn out to be his last try. He did because he never actually gave up on a single thing he really wanted from the bottom of his heart.
He took out a parchment, dipped a feather in the ink pot and began to write. He wrote every problem he was having and for that he had to use lot of parchments. After writing every problem, he thought about solutions. He couldn’t think of any solutions in the beginning but he kept on trying; soon solutions began to come in his mind. He was getting hope because every impossible and incomprehensible thing was becoming comprehensible and seemed extremely easy to him. He could feel the extreme positiveness bursting from his body, heart and soul; he was making cheerful sounds that echoed through the dark valley, he was scared to step into. Finally his poetic instincts reached their peak and he added the last few lines. He looked at the parchment: everything was there- problems as well as solutions in just a few lines. He smiled and shouted again, "I'll make Through the Dark Times"  “Through the Dark Times” echoed back from the dark valley:

When fate is playing you like a puppet,
And people are crushing you like a doormat.

When everyone ignores you like air,
And there’s no one who care.

When you think someday you will prevail,
But no day ends well.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Untrailed Path of Man of Wisdom

You might be wondering, who is "Man of Wisdom"? What does the "Untrailed Path" means?
Well before I start posting stories about Man of Wisdom's life, his teachings and how he can simply inspire you or help you change your life; I'd like to tell you more about Man of Wisdom and make you familiar with him and his philosophy.

Man of Wisdom is someone who has better understanding of life and how to live it. But there is also one thing we can't overlook: A single person on the planet can't be perfect about philosophies, can't be wise enough to guide people who have lived in different times and would probably not know about everything; for example- if something worked a decade ago or it worked a hundred years ago doesn't mean it would also work now or a decade later or a hundred years later.
Also, if some strategy works great at one place doesn't mean it would work fine all around the globe, for example- if  the camel is used in the Sahara desert doesn't mean that it should also be used in the Prairies or in the Himalayas.

Thus when we think of someone who is wise or has cleverness and wits, we can't overlook the environment and the time around him. Anyone who is wise and clever and has enough intelligence to guide others must work hand in hand with time, place and environment to describe his point of view.
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