Monday, March 4, 2013

The End and The Beginning: The Eternal Cycle

Every end is marked by a new beginning.
After the worst destruction, slow reformation begins.
Even the darkest nights give away to gentle sunshine.
The imminent beginning of our Universe was preceded by its "ultimate" destruction.
After a deadly apocalypse, the budding life soon blossoms.
If you point out any end of the circle, that same point is also the beginning.
Every destination is also a beginning of a new journey.

Your mission reached or failed, your goals fulfilled or not, your dreams realized or broken;
Your past was good or bad. Regardless, it's not the end.

Everything has happy endings; if it's not happy, it's not the end.
If you think it is the end; then it's also a sign of a new beginning.

Never give up, Keep trying, Keep shining and most importantly:
Keep Trailing on Your Untrailed Path.

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priya-cs1 said...

Very nice.I also liked ur poem on cancer patients.It's beautiful how u can empathise with other people nd write down their feelings so beautifully.

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