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The Untrailed Path of Man of Wisdom

You might be wondering, who is "Man of Wisdom"? What does the "Untrailed Path" means?
Well before I start posting stories about Man of Wisdom's life, his teachings and how he can simply inspire you or help you change your life; I'd like to tell you more about Man of Wisdom and make you familiar with him and his philosophy.

Man of Wisdom is someone who has better understanding of life and how to live it. But there is also one thing we can't overlook: A single person on the planet can't be perfect about philosophies, can't be wise enough to guide people who have lived in different times and would probably not know about everything; for example- if something worked a decade ago or it worked a hundred years ago doesn't mean it would also work now or a decade later or a hundred years later.
Also, if some strategy works great at one place doesn't mean it would work fine all around the globe, for example- if  the camel is used in the Sahara desert doesn't mean that it should also be used in the Prairies or in the Himalayas.

Thus when we think of someone who is wise or has cleverness and wits, we can't overlook the environment and the time around him. Anyone who is wise and clever and has enough intelligence to guide others must work hand in hand with time, place and environment to describe his point of view.

Hence, there can't be a single Man of Wisdom, because a single person can’t be present at all the places and all the times and so his expert views can’t be true everywhere. So Man of Wisdom is not a single person.
            There are many Man of Wisdom, they are present in all the times and all the places. So why don’t I use “Men” of Wisdom, instead of “Man”? Simply because Man of Wisdom looks better and gives a better feeling to the whole context.

Now there may be many Man of Wisdom but at a particular place and in a particular time there is almost always only one Man of Wisdom. In some of the stories there may be two or more Man of Wisdom when they’ll be discussing and refining their own resolution about many things in life. There may be a few differences between different Man of Wisdom in different stories and that would be simply because of their time, place, environment or the ideas they want to imply in that particular story.

Being exclusive at a particular place and time and getting experience along the way in life is not enough to be called Man of Wisdom: You must have something that separates you from the crowd: Men of Wisdom have their Untrailed Path for it.

Some of you may know this beautiful quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, who was himself a great Man of Wisdom,

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

This is what Untrailed Path is, a path no-one has ever walked upon or has chosen, is in its own way complete, new and exclusive. It often means that Men of Wisdom are different from others, they may suffer in doing most simple and trivial things yet may accomplish tasks which most people would call impossible. But above anything else, it means Men of Wisdom have destiny.

There is something that gives them inspiration, cheers them even when they are going through dark and hard times, something that motivates them enough to face the world’s ups and downs and the most important characteristic of destiny is that people enjoy working towards their destiny. It is something that doesn't feel like “work” to them, rather it feels like a pleasure to do something that helps them reach their destiny.
It is “by default” to them to get up in the morning before the sun rises and think about and pleasure themselves by working towards their destiny till the night. Men of Wisdom don’t even leave their destiny when they are sleeping, they still dream about it because it’s what they enjoy doing most. When they’re talking with people and doing everyday task; their destiny and how they have to reach there is still in their minds.

The Untrailed Path, is an exclusive right of Man of Wisdom, it is something that drives them towards their destiny, delights them and that is why they enjoy it most. It is their journey towards their final destiny

Someone once said,
“The journey is more important than destiny.” And Men of Wisdom make the most of it, by enjoying their journey. Obviously destiny is important but all the importance of destiny lies in three words “It delights you and completes you.” And often reaching someone’s destiny may take days, months, years, decades and sometimes even a lifetime. How would you reach so far if it is dull, boring and doesn’t makes you happy?

The Man of Wisdom appreciate destiny and understands that it would make them superior happy but when the destiny is so far, and almost always it is very far and would take a significant time of someone’s life, Man of Wisdom believe in journey and appreciate it even more. That journey is the Untrailed Path.

An important question here: What Man of Wisdom and his Untrailed Path has to do with you? Well Somewhere in this post it is said "The Untrailed Path is an exclusive right of Man of Wisdom" Wrong! Obviously not, everyone on the planet has some destiny to fulfill, some mission on the planet that lies in why they were born and what they have to do here on earth? Everyone on the planet is important and whether they know it or not they play a central role in the History of the Whole World, They often alter the flow of History yet they don't know about it.
       So it can be said that, every one of us may be at some point in our life, was or will be Man of Wisdom.As a matter of fact, we all are Man of Wisdom. We all have an Untrailed Path and we often know it but still we ignore it. And this ignorance often causes suffering and is almost always the root of our unhappiness. Well I'll stop here.  

You may not have gotten the whole feeling of “Man of Wisdom” and the “The Untrailed Path” and may be what I mean precisely by Journey and Destiny. Well, it’s perfectly OK  because it was just an introduction to get you a feeling of what’s still there to see. It was like a sightseeing of the shore while the vast ocean is still to be discovered and appreciated for its beauty and vastness.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post. Would love to see more. Anyways, The concept of Untrailed Path is really great! Please do tell about your Stories, what they'll be about? ASnd yeah, I'm curious, when you'll post them?

Alok Sharma said...

Thanks Andrew, The stories would be simple stories that would inspire, motivate and make you think deeper about simplke and often ignored things in life. They'd follow Man of Wisdom and would describe his journey on the Untrailed Path.
Well, I'll post a poem either today or tomorrow and the first story would be posted by Thursday.
Thanks! For connecting with us. Please share the blog if you like it.
Keep trailing on your Untrailed Path.

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