Sunday, September 25, 2011

Through the Dark times- An Inspiring Poem

The poem was written by Man of Wisdom in one of his terrific journeys. The poem deals with what Man of Wisdom dealt at that time: oppositions, suffering, defeats, nervous breakdowns, being left alone, humiliation, no interest in life’s day to day activities and then, finally he thought about giving it all up and getting rid of all the seemingly impossible difficulties by letting his life go. He thought that ending his life would also put an end to his miseries. Just before jumping from the edge of the very high mountains, he was passing through, he blamed God because he never himself doubted God's presence but still he was facing these fiasco. He lost his hope and he stopped believing in his destiny. He stopped trailing on his Untrailed Path…

He was going through the darkest times of his life, but still he was Man of Wisdom. He believed in God throughout his life and like the tiny light glittering at the end of the long dark tunnel, he thought about going through his difficulties one more time even if it might turn out to be his last try. He did because he never actually gave up on a single thing he really wanted from the bottom of his heart.
He took out a parchment, dipped a feather in the ink pot and began to write. He wrote every problem he was having and for that he had to use lot of parchments. After writing every problem, he thought about solutions. He couldn’t think of any solutions in the beginning but he kept on trying; soon solutions began to come in his mind. He was getting hope because every impossible and incomprehensible thing was becoming comprehensible and seemed extremely easy to him. He could feel the extreme positiveness bursting from his body, heart and soul; he was making cheerful sounds that echoed through the dark valley, he was scared to step into. Finally his poetic instincts reached their peak and he added the last few lines. He looked at the parchment: everything was there- problems as well as solutions in just a few lines. He smiled and shouted again, "I'll make Through the Dark Times"  “Through the Dark Times” echoed back from the dark valley:

When fate is playing you like a puppet,
And people are crushing you like a doormat.

When everyone ignores you like air,
And there’s no one who care.

When you think someday you will prevail,
But no day ends well.

When your favorite act is to mourn,
And you become a lorn.

When love is a fantasy,
And smile an audacity.

When your powers become lame,
And good memories are left only in frames.

When doing best is like a dream,
And getting rest is like a grim.

When you try to pay attention,
But it ends only with a tension.

When everyone becomes inconsolable,
And your enemies become invincible.

When every effort becomes useless,
And others are fearless.

When you want to finish,
But you can never start.

When your goals have fallen,
And your aims are ruined.

When losing becomes habit,
And loneliness the only friend.

When the land where you sow becomes barren,
And the place where you lived destructed.

When you’re one step away from death,
And all you’re left with is broken faith

What the World can do anymore to you?
Is there anything that can save you?

Hear the God asking, “Is that enough?”
Dare to reply, “That’s all you’ve got!?”

Find the spark in the ice,
Your past works deserves a prize.

You can not be described in words,
Because you’re a Man against the World.

Only hammering and heating change the iron into steel,
Now let’s see what happens when steel meets steel.

You fought against all odds,
Now don’t stop for any thoughts.

The mightier your will,
The mightier you will

Desires are illusions,
But trust your perception.

There will always be obstacles and time will always be swift;
Don’t waste any moment or your every endeavor will drift.

Surviving the struggles, beholding the aims;
Winning the grapples, to be the Master of the Game.

Leave out all the rest, to become the greatest;
And when you’ll do so, you’ll be there the place no one knows…”

He took his bag, put his ink pot and feather in it and with the poem in his one hand and the walking stick in the other, He stood up.
He raised his head and looked at the high mountains, and the deep valleys, the dark forests and thorny roads that awaited him. It was getting dark but he felt the blaze of a thousand suns within himself; the dark times were over.  He knew his journey was very difficult and would test all the skills he has learned so far. Keeping this in mind, He took first step in faith, and then he began to walk…

And as about giving up his life? “Life and Death are in the hands of the Gods. But I have a Destiny to fulfill and a mission to accomplish.” the Man of Wisdom thought.

Now he was trailing on his Untrailed Path and had the full faith in his Destiny; the shaky road seemed familiar again. After all the years of pain, suffering and crying; Man of Wisdom was finally happy and hopeful. He was smiling and in these dark times: that is an audacity... (‘When smile becomes Audacity’ – the Poem).

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Till the next time, Commit yourself to your Destiny and begin trailing on your Untrailed Path. Feed the World with your spoon. Take care and Goodbye.

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Paulina said...

Yes, the poem is very nice and inspiring. Its rhyming through out from start to last. Really nice poem.

Thomas Rees said...

Nice poem, Great way to tell it. The way wherever bolds and italics are put conveys great meaning itself.
Congratulations, expecting great content in the future from you.
Thomas Rees,

Alok Sharma said...

Thanks Paulina. There are still more to come. I aim to post one article, one poem and one story each week.
If you like the poem and the article and other content of the blog, please spread the word about it.
I'd be thankful

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