Sunday, November 20, 2011

Love - The Most Powerful Weapon in the World

A tyrant king, who dreamt of taking over and ruling over the whole world, was searching for someone who could guide him. He heard a lot about a wise man, popularly called as Man of Wisdom. He heard that Man of Wisdom knew everything and always helped others in their problems, so the king decided to pay Man of Wisdom a visit.
He said,
“I want to become the most powerful king in the World.  I want to own every piece of land in every corner of the world.  I want that everyone bows to me and the whole world knows my name.  I want that every coin, be it gold or silver or bronze, bears my mark and bears my name.” he stopped.

“Nice” said Man of Wisdom sarcastically and then asked, “Why do you come to me?”

“I want to defeat the neighboring empire. But the problem is that it is a very big kingdom.
It has a huge powerful army with all kinds of weapons. Their army is stronger than mine. But I hate that Empire and its king. I want to start my campaign of taking over the world with him, but I have no weapon strong enough to face him and my army is outnumbered.”
He paused then again said,
“So I want you to tell me about the most powerful weapon in the world. Something that has never even been built; that can move mountains, win over the world and thus can fulfill my dreams. Tell about some mighty weapon and how can I create it and use it against that king.”

Man of Wisdom looked and smiled at him; then he said “To become the mightiest person in the world that never was, you’d have to perform mightiest sacrifices that were never ever made. Do you have the willingness to do that?”
“I’ll do anything you want me to do. Tell me and it will be done.” The king said.

The Man of Wisdom paused for a moment and said, “Give me your sword, it won’t be needed. I’ll make you win over the whole world without ever having the need to use your sword.”
“How would I ever win the war against the mighty neighboring king without my sword? Would you give me even more powerful sword?” The king asked Man of Wisdom, he looked confused.

“You want to win over the king or win over the whole world?” Man of Wisdom asked the king.
“I want to win the whole world, but I want to start with that King.” The king replied.

Man of Wisdom who was sitting now stood up, walked near to the king and said,
“Then I’ll give you even a more powerful weapon but you already have that weapon with you. All you need to do is to awake it.”

“It would expand your borders without battles. You won’t own every area of world but people would dedicate their lands to you. Without bloodshed, you’ll have the blessings of people. And coins having your name and mark would reach in every area of world. This is the might of this weapon but it’s a very unconventional weapon.”
“Without wars? Is it even a weapon? What is it called?” the king asked hesitatingly.

It’s called love. Love is the most powerful weapon in the world.
While other weapons kill the ones you hate;
Love kills the hate itself, leaving other unharmed.” replied Man of Wisdom.

“I did not come here to listen to your preaching. Tell me about the weapon or I’ll cut your head off.” The king who took out his sword and pointed to Man of Wisdom, said angrily.

“It’s tiny matter to me if you cut my head. I have lived enough of my life. I have traveled all the lands that you dream to conquer. Think for yourself. Your economy is deprived, there is no trade and no ally that you have, your tiny state has almost no resources, people are depressed, your small army has primitive weapons. How would you ever conquer the world with this?” Man of Wisdom calmly said.
 “You have a fair point old man. Tell me what should I do? I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.” a bit depressed king, who put his sword back, said.

“You must do what I say.
For now do these steps, when done come back to me. I’ll tell you what to do next. Do them son, strange they might sound they’ll change the world we live in and would carve your name in all the books of history.”

“First allow the people to come to your state from the state of the king you hate. Eventually, he’ll allow your people to freely roam in his country too. This would help to dilute the borders. And it would increase the cultural activities in your country. When people will see other cultures they will try to preserve their culture, still appreciating the other culture.

Then secondly, begin trade and exempt fee on imports even when they take fee on your exports. Soon they’ll also stop taking any extra fee. This would generate enough employment for your lazy and unemployed people.
Then thirdly, visit that country by yourself. Talk about peace and discuss the common problems of both state and invite him to visit your country. When the emperor comes to this country, welcome him with open arms show him how the friendship of both states is for the good and great of both states.
 Then fourth thing that you should do is to allow people to freely express their opinion and problems. For this organize meetings with people go and visit some of the people. This would help you to see the problems you’re people are facing and eventually solve all the problems of your people.
Lastly, allow the common practices of your army and his army. This would help to train the corrupt soldiers of your army. Soon they’ll learn the techniques of war. Send both armies to fight and punish the bandits, dacoits, thieves, terrorists and other violent elements that disturb the peace of the region and bother the people of your land. This would increase discipline in both countries and people would feel happier and safer.”
Man of Wisdom finished. The king had ordered his ministers to write down everything.

“I begin my work from today. I’ll come to you for advice from time to time.” The king said.
“You’re always welcome” Man of Wisdom said.

The king left and actually began executing what Man of Wisdom advised him. Soon, people visited each other’s countries, trades began, poverty vanished from the land, both kings frequently began to visit each other’s countries, people recognized both kings, the armies that were deployed on the borders were sent for better purposes. Dacoits, bandits, thieves, terrorists were captured. People began to live happily and soon forgot the borders within the two countries. It was somewhat a joint ruler ship of both kings in both countries.

These two countries were in a vast peninsula, in which there were other four small countries. These two merged countries were popularly called as 'Union'.
The news of prosperity of this land reached into the other countries. A foreign alliance decided to defeat the other four small countries first and later the large Union of the two countries.
Spies reported this to the kings of small countries which finally after much discussion decided to join the Union. They came to the kings of the Union.

The king decided to visit Man of Wisdom for advice on whether to allow other nations to join the Union. He told Man of Wisdom about the problem.
Man of Wisdom said, “Immediately add all four nations to your union. Combine the army and tackle the foreigners. The combined power of armies of six nations would easily defeat the foreign conquests. When they run away follow them up to their lands and occupy them too. Establish peace and harmony in neighboring lands too with the help of the other kings that support you.
Now with the addition of these four nations, you’d have coastline and sea within your territories, begin trades with far lands and spread the word about how effective the strategy of forming Union and merging borders is. Spread the message of peace. And yes, start minting the coins that contain name of all kings forming a free trade and business without any worries in all the land. And setup administrators that will help to notify about the problems of far small places in your lands.” Do this and come back letter.

The king did exactly as he was told. Soon the borders expanded and the foreign attackers were successfully evaded, then followed and their lands were also occupied. New kings were crowned who spoke of peace, harmony and followed the same principles as of the Union. Soon other small states also joined Union for protection and improved economical conditions. The Union kept on expanding with new kings joining. It was spread into four continents, each and every country joining them.

But still two continents called “The New Lands” were very far and weren’t connected to the main Union. But strong trade and the spread of words about elevated condition of people in the Union, helped people in the new lands to join the Union too.
No nation in any continent was forced to join the Union. They joined it happily by their own choice.

Soon almost every big and small nation was part of the Union. People lived happily with each other, sharing what they have and helping others was their common trait.
Ignoring the differences of skin color, languages, cultures and environment; people lived peacefully with love and harmony.

The king that used to dream about taking over the whole world was respected in each and every corner of the world. People bowed to him with all their respect. The coins bearing his name and his mark were preserved by the people as everyone wanted to treasure the memories of their beloved king. Even the other kings of different states of the Union respected him and with all their honesty called the greatest ruler in the whole World.

His dreams of taking over the whole world were finally realized, without any bloodshed. This much is the power of Love!

Did you like the story? The idea of how Love is actually the most powerful weapon in the world? If other tyrants and kings would have used it, the world would have been a much better place. All people would be living with peace and harmony and no war or violence would have been ever made.
Do tell your views in the comments below.
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Till the next time, Keep trailing on your Untrailed Path. Keep smiling. Be happy, do good, live well and spread Love. Take care.


Esther said...

Great story. Really the world could have been different if we had good leaders. Love is really the most powerful weapon in the world. Thanks for posting. Keep doing the great job.

Boris said...

Good story. Really great suggestions about how to Take over the Whole World by diluting borders and spreading peace.

Lucas said...

Nice story. Makes you think, the world could be beautiful and peaceful he some kings and leaders would have actually done what you've suggested.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great story. But dear it really takes good efforts to post some comment on your blog. Please fix it.

James said...

Hey! Where's the Man Against the World story? Love your stories. Was waiting for it you said it would be a series of adventure stories.
Please post. This is a very nice story.

Amy said...

Nice story. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lores said...

Great ideas! I think these should be shared all around the world so people can know what they are missing. Well told in such a short story.

Kathy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Man of Wisdom. Love all your stories and quotes on twitter. Thanks for lighting the path for us.
Love from Sweden.

Mancha said...

Hell good bro! I mean the morons should have known it. The world would be one sweet place if this could be true. ya know.

A fellow blogger said...

Nice story. But I have a complain, your posts have a long gap between them. Please post more often. This would seriously increase the readership of your blog.

Priya-cs said...

This is the first blog that i read, written by Man Of WisDom. Really Nice!!Difficult to implement in this dark age but obviously not impossible.

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