Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The boy, the mother and the cherry tree - A touching short story

The 6 year old boy was playing in the small garden in his house. The garden had a few small shrubs, plants and a few trees. There were many plants with beautiful flowers and a few with strange leaves. But out of all, the boy liked the cherry tree most.

Whenever the boy asked his father about the tree, he always replied, “Your mother planted the tree.”

But the boy had never seen his mother. He never knew how she looked as they didn’t have any photograph of her. He played in the garden with other children, most of who went to the same school as him. They always talked about their mothers loudly and that was when the boy felt silent.

He heard a lot of things about mothers from his friends from the school.
The boy didn’t know what motherly embrace is. He didn’t know how mother would have protected him from bad weather and would have snatched him away from difficulties. The boy never had sweet desserts and cakes his mother would have made. The boy missed his mother a lot and so he always stayed around the cherry tree. After all, his mother planted the tree…

The boy lay asleep below the cherry tree. It began to rain, but the boy stayed dry and harmless, because the small tree protected him. A few gentle drops falling from the leaves touched his face, he woke up slowly. It was getting dark, so he went back into the house. He switched on the light his room and looked through the window. The tree was completely pink due to the flowers blossoming on it. He imagined the tree as a woman, with pink hair and white clothes with silver lining. The boy began to cry, he never missed his mother so much and he again felt asleep.
Soon seasons passed. The blossoming flowers were now delicious cherries. Though his mother wasn’t there but his father often made cherry pie, muffins, cakes and crumbles. The boy loved them all. No matter what time or which meal, if he would eat something, it must contain cherries.
The boy would do most of the activities below the cherry tree. Playing, studying, eating and sleeping in the day. The cherry tree wasn’t just a tree for him anymore; it became a part of his life, a part of his every day to day activity.

The boy still missed his mother a lot but he now appreciated cherry tree more and more because he understood why his mother planted the tree. Though she left him, she was still with him, in the form of this beautiful cherry tree.

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Bill Osborn said...

Great story. A delighting one. When would you post the story about the merchant? You promised earlier? I really want to read that!
And the poem "Through the Dark Times", it just makes my day.

Alok Sharma said...

Thanks Bill. The story about the merchant is called "The secret of Peace and Happiness". Would post it by the next week.
It would be a bit long but would probably be worth reading, I promise.
Thanks, the poem makes my day too :)

Julia Brits said...

Wow, very short story. It took less than one minute to read it. I think its smaller than the one in which the Godess of Earth and the God involved.
Keep posting the great content.

Alok Sharma said...

Yes Julia, this story was a short one. Its called one minute read. Lets share it on twitter and facebook page.
Thanks for your kind words.

Louis said...

Good story. It is actually touching, the way boy acted was obvious. He needed affection and he needed to find his mother. The cherry tree provided him with affection and gave a bit of reflection of his mother too. The boy's emotions are described in a great way.
The way cherry tree has been shown to fill the presence of mother could be better but then it won't be a "1 minute read".
I really appreciate the content of your blog. The design is good but work on it. It can be better. The poem "Through the dark times" is probably the most rhyming, most inspirational poem I ever read. It actually motivates and inspires.
Looking for great content in future too.
Lots of Love and Light,

Alok Sharma said...

Thanks Louis for providing your precious feedback. The boy's emotions were described for a little child. You're absolutely right about the cherry tree and mother relation, it could be better but again it won't be 1 minute read.
I am actually working on design, will soon make the changes public.
Thanks for your kind words about the poem. It was written through a real difficult time so it speaks for itself. May be if that poem hadn't been written I won't be here nor the blog. It saved me, my life, the whole concept and character of Man of Wisdom.
Would surely try to keep up with your expectations in the future.
Light and Love to you too.

Alan Rickman said...

Nice man, nice. A good show of boy's emotional transition from sad to happy and that through a immobile cherry tree that doesn't speak doesn't do anything. You know how to work with emtions. Great effort.
Alan Rickman

Phill said...

Good story. Keep doin it.

Chris said...

I come here often. Finally you posted something. Like always, great! A nice dose of emotions, now we need motivation. Hope you'll soon post something inspirational. I subscribed to the email as you suggested and I found about this and came running here.
Really good.
I found a mentor in you on this blog, on your facebook page and on your twitter. Never knew could make use of these websites for my uplifting and good.
Thanks for all the good things you brought in my life.

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