Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World - A Search for the Real Beauty

Image Courtesy- Paulo Coelho, "The Zahir"

The boy was a computer scientist and a programmer in the World's largest Internet search engine company. He originally belonged to Europe but had moved to California, with his mother who was his only family member, soon after he got this job.
His mother, like all mothers, often nagged him about getting married. He put off the question by saying "I'll only marry the Most Beautiful Girl in the World, when I'll find her, I'll marry her." After listening this his mother became silent.
A few more years passed now the boy was around 27. All his colleagues in his office were married and so were his childhood friends and the handful of relatives he had. He felt very alone and thought that his life lacks happiness due to so much solitude, so he decided to begin his "Search" for the Most Beautiful girl in the World.

There was an another Internet company which was a Social Networking site. Almost all of the people of the World used it. The boy also wanted to have someone who was active on Internet so as to understand his work. He decided to begin his Search with this social network.

He hacked and accessed the Social Networking website's database servers and began his Search.  He began with all the women and girls in the World which was almost 3.5 billion. He obviously couldn't marry this many people so he began to narrow down the whole number.

"The girl I'll marry shouldn't be older than me and shouldn't be a teenager", he thought. He entered an age limit and now he had 900 million girls that matched the age limits.

"The girl I'll marry should  know English else how will I ever talk with her?" he thought. Now he selected all the girls that spoke English either as native or secondary language. The number was now 600 million.

"I think I'll marry a white girl" he thought and the number was 350 million.

He saw girls who have been just to high school, he decided that his ideal girl should at least have gone to college and have a degree. He set it up and the number was 320 million.

In the total number of girls, he saw many girls who were interested in things he didn't liked at all. He narrowed down the search by at least two similar interests and the number was 175 million.

"Her eyes should be either blue or green", he thought. But the problem was there was no data for eye color. He used his programming skills and designed a program which would scan profile pictures of the girl and would try to detect the eye color. He did this using face recognition technologies found in cameras. The number was now just 7 million.

He used the same software to eliminate those girls who colored their hair with strange- unnatural colors. "I love the natural color", he thought. The number was down to 4 million.

He had no idea on how to go on further. How to choose "The One" among 4 million girls. So he went back to his job. There he heard a girl who according to him sounded like a cat and he thought that for the most beautiful girl, the voice should also be considered. But again there was no data for voice and he didn't know which voice he liked. He spent his days listening to his favorite female singers analyzing and making up his mind for the voices he liked. Then he looked up the frequency range and created another software, which analyzed all the videos or audios ever uploaded by the people he was searching or they were either tagged in or were there in the video. Now the number was 90 thousand.

He searched random things like girls with no criminal background, politic beliefs, their thinking about religion, activities and if they can cook food or not. The number was still 20 thousand.

"Let's come to ultimate beauty now", he thought. He analyzed the faces of all the actresses he liked or the ideal image he had for the most beautiful girl. He decided how the nose should look, how cheeks should be aligned, what should be the ratio of forehead to rest of the face, how should be the chin. He used vector diagram techniques and kept on analyzing and adding more specifications. He came down to a final number of 17.

There were three girls in each continent, with two in Australia.
Now he didn't know how to find the most beautiful one out of the 17. He decided that he needs to become friends with all of them to know what the website could never tell.

He send friend requests, chatted with them, came to know more about them. Learnt what they like, how they think and so on. Finally he made up his mind just for one girl.

They began to talk online, then texting, then on phone and then through video chat and then not a single day or night went by when they both didn't talk.He told her that he loves her and she said she feels the same for him. He decided he'll propose her for marriage but then made his mind not to tell her. "I'll surprise her", he thought. He packed his bags and bought an air ticket to Brazil. After he reached in Rio, he knew where she would be, because he had talked about her routine.

He bought a bouquet of her favorite flowers and a pack of her favorite chocolates. He could see her across the road he was so mesmerized by her beauty that he began to cross the road. She looked like an Angel fallen to the Earth. He was happy that the search was finally over. Suddenly he hit a strange woman while walking. She looked very different and the boy thought "ugly". She didn't had eyebrows and her head was covered with a scarf. "She has lost her hair", he thought.

Leaving the strange woman, he again walked toward the most beautiful girl. She saw him and waved towards him, the boy was elated. He was a bit tense and was a little scared. "The moment when he'll ask her to become the partner of his life was near. She was still smiling and looking at him and she looked surprised.

It was a busy road and he was crossing it almost blindly. He didn't heard the horn, he didn't saw the bus coming; but he felt the jerk of the bus and how he was thrown into the air. The pain was unbearable. He was lying on the ground, bleeding. He was still looking at her, the "Most Beautiful Girl" he found and she also saw the accident. But suddenly a red Ferrari stopped in front of her and after the pause of a moment, she jumped in. The car moved away. The boy saw it and then closed his eyes.

After a week.....
The boy woke up in a Hospital. He gained conscious after a week. He only remembered how the most beautiful girl was the darkest girl from the inside, who didn't even looked at him when he almost died in the accident. He was now beginning to believe that he wasted all of his time in search for the Most Beautiful Girl in the World, who doesn't even exist.

He now opened his eyes and looked at his side. A woman was sitting there. She was wearing a loose scarf and she didn't had any eyebrows or eyelashes and looked very pale and thin. The boy remembered her, she was the same woman he hit while reaching to the so thought "Most Beautiful Girl".

Suddenly the doctor appeared and congratulated him for getting out of comma. The doctor told him to be thankful to the woman sitting here who donated her blood. He explained, "Miss Emma's blood group is O negative which can be given to anyone, so she's a universal donor. She recently recovered from Cancer and had her Chemotherapy, so we had to perform a few tests to make sure if blood donation was possible. No blood that matched your blood group was immediately available at the Hospital, it was immediately needed else you'd have died. But after the tests we found that she could donate you her blood. She is free from cancer now. And yes, she also brought you here driving in her car and broke a few traffic laws by hitting a few cars, she's still learning how to drive." The doctor smiled and so did Emma.

The boy felt a big relief in his heart. The search for The Most Beautiful Girl in the World was finally over. She was sitting next to him and was smiling.

He learnt what real beauty actually is and was thankful to have found it.


Jane said...

Full of Emotions, heart touching. Thank you Man of Wisdom.
Love, Peace and Light.

Emma -YES! The girl above!!! said...

Real Beauty is all that's inside. Great, great way to tell it.
P.S. I'm Emma- The "Real" Most Beautiful Girl in the World. LOL!!!
Thanks Man of Wisdom, a very inspirational blog. Each post is a blessing.
Thanks again

ansh said...

Real beauty is eternal and depending on you thinking it changes if you think piece of wood beautiful then it is or palace to be more then it will be I think message from this story I think is to there is a difference between beautiful and pretty hapiness and joy sadness or distress depending on your thinking it changed or remains same as the romans say think as thinker not as person generally thinks

Kane said...

Great story. Wow, very emotional. Please kindly explain more about "Untrailed Path Philosophy", You promised on twitter and facebook and here too.
As much as I know, it's liberating and key to real happiness. But want to know how it explains other things of life.
Always pleasure to read here.

tell who am i! Hint the only gal to beat u in astro and cosmos said...

I love you!! you beat expectations everytime! kid writer but man of wisdom :P where's the cosmologist and astrophysicst? Mr. Universe! but am damn sure the second part cant be more emotional intense as you said on twitter. it's the limit.
Oh and am sorry i left the group so early, the astrophysics was blown off because of a boy. boys are idiots (never mind you're THE man) :P it was cool you 3 mapped 15 km mars, traced a comet, found an asteroid. oh and your typical matter theories to explain the origin of universe! i miss those WWT days. hope you're all good dude xo.

Priya-cs said...

Amazing story Mr.Genius.
keep writing such beautiful and heart-touching stories.

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