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An Unexpected End of the World - A Story about our Last Chance to Save the Planet

Image courtesy -UN Water

United Nations had called out to all the leaders of the World for what they called as the "Biggest Emergency ever". But still the huge meeting hall was almost empty with only a few leaders present, hesitating to take seats. "Should we begin? said one of the people sitting in the main row of the semi-circular hall. "Shouldn't we wait for all of them? It's a global problem" said one of the leaders. "No one else is coming, everyone's busy in  their own country, if you're going to start it, you must begin now." said another.

Then the discussion began with different voices and opinions coming from different directions.
"What are the options? We can't produce water and food and then distribute among them, so they can led down their arsenals."

"We can deal with them later. First we must do something to stop our people from stealing, rioting, protesting, fighting and killing each other. The Police isn't doing its job, doctors and nurses aren't in hospital and fire brigades are burning buildings. It's because they all are busy stealing food, the Government's organization is out of control.  Most of the food has been stolen.  It's a total chaos! The World is on its knees."

“Do something about it later? The third World War has started and all the countries are fighting for water. We earlier thought that oil was everything and so we had enough wars for it. But then the oil just finished off and we began to produce fuel from trees but now we’re also losing it.”

“Yeah, with water depleting at such high rates that people are dying because they can’t even get water to drink, without irrigation crops are falling, so no food, without trees the air becoming more and more polluted and so less and less oxygen and  we have no trees to produce fuel from.”

"How many deaths have been reported in past six months?"
 "More than 170 million have died. The earth’s population has fallen to 3.5 billion from 9 billion in just 2 years. Never have been so many deaths occurred since the beginning of time. Never humanity lost so many lives."

"And in the past week?"
"More than 70 million have died and around 30 million in just past three days."
“All due to this III World War, right?”
“No, due to the violence and hunger and thirst.”

Then he showed a slide show in the huge screen. “The blue represents number of people and the red represents death.” He said. With each slide the red color kept on overlapping blue color and soon replaced all the blue color in the World’s map. “This would happen in the next six months. Handful of people living on small islands, or in bunkers with enough food and water will survive, the rest of us are not going to make it.”

“Why do you think this will happen? We can still make water from the sea?”
“The wars have destroyed most of the plants for water refining. We neither have people nor resources to build them again. Countries having fresh water are burning. Brazil and Africa are taken over by NATO,” he looked a little frightfully at few leaders “and we took over Canada. Israel has been destroyed for its small mount of water available in Jerusalem. Asia is on fire with Indonesia and Malaysia gone, China and India fighting, Russia surrounded by pre-USSR Nations. This isn’t even a World War, everyone’s fighting whoever they get and seeking old revenges. The World is on fire and there’s no way…”

“There must be a way! There’s always…” before the leader could finish his sentence, a very thunderous sound which was unbearable to ears, forced them all to kneel down and cover their ears. The glass windows, beautiful paintings, artifacts and lights, all were shattered. Glass pieces were flying and hitting them. They covered their face with hands but their hands were bleeding due to the wounds caused by flying glass pieces. Soon all the sounds seized. They were trying to realize what just happened.

A person came running and said, “Gulf countries are using nuclear weapons! US west coast has been wiped out. They had run out of water totally and so they thought to use them. They’ve reached Cuba, they’re comin…” the man broke down into tears and began to cry heavily and fell on his knees. He couldn’t complete the sentence. A few leaders fainted on just hearing "Nuclear Weapons", the United Nations had ruled out a nuclear Armageddon thinking the nuclear weapons have been eliminated from the Planet.

“Brothers we can only remember the great moments that we had in our lives, our loved ones and pray to the Almighty God now.” The UN Chief said, crying. They stood in a circle, with arms in each other’s hands. They closed their eyes, though tears still making their way out. They were thinking about the closest persons in their life, their best moments with a deep grief of leaving them all.

In just a few seconds everything was surrounded by intense light and extreme heat. Everything was gone.

The video had ended and the huge screen in General Assembly was filled with darkness.

All the seats of The UN General Assembly were completely occupied, as every representative of world’s 193 nations was present there. Usually each time a video ended they clapped and cheered because they generally dealt with what they have achieved but this time the hall was filled with silence as this video described what they were ignoring. They realized if these grave matters were not solved the World and its leaders might not have a bright future.

“Do you want our future leaders to see such a day? We ignore Water and Food and this video might look like a distant reality. But there was a time when in past, we thought that Global Warming and Environmental instability were discarded as “Distant Reality” and “absurd” but we’re seeing their adverse effects now and they’ll worsen in Future.”

The United Nations’ Security General picked up the glass of water that was in front of him and raised it. All the 193 nations’ representative did the same. “For World Water Day, all I’d say is Cheers!” “Cheers!” echoed in the hall. They all drank water. “Save water so your grandchildren may drink it too. It’s in our hands to make the World a better place and as World’s leaders, before anyone it is our responsibility.” He finished his speech.
“Heal the World” by Michael Jackson played in the background. The General Assembly of the year 2012 was complete.

Please save Water and spread the message. You don't want to leave such a wasted World to your children and their children, Right? Save the Planet. Thanks.


Kane said...

Well, Different story from what I generally read here on your blog. Nice one, It's great to know that you don't only inspire people to make them better but also to make the world better. Indeed a Man of Wisdom. Please explain Untrailed Path philosophy, you promised last time.
It would be great to know more about it, your quotes don't explain everything by them. Please explain in articles.
Thank you.
Love and Light.

Julia said...

Yeah Kane, different story. Seems like Man of Wisdom is concerned more about the environment now.
Great message to spread.
Love and Light

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