Saturday, October 1, 2011

"In God's own words: Why every Human is Great?" - An inspiring short story

Gaia holding the earth and looking at the God
Gaia, the Goddess of earth was unhappy because all the creatures that lived on earth didn’t use up all of their unique capabilities. Gaia complained this to the God. God pointed his finger towards apes, few of which turned humans by using their brain and working with their hands. Gaia watched the growth of humans; as they also started to alter their characteristics and extracted earth’s natural resources. Then, the same human resorted themselves to vices of lust, desires, stealth, greed, hunt, denomination, anger, arrogance, bragging, gluttony, craving for power, wants…

This made Gaia unhappy; the entire human race made her sad and deepened her pain. In these dark times, when most of the human followed unfair paths and resorted themselves to vices and evil, a few human forged their character to greatness with discipline and diligence. They were called as Great people all around the earth and were honored and respected everywhere. They delighted Gaia the most. But still they were very few and only one or two of them would born in many centuries.

Finally Gaia requested God to reform humans on earth; so she could be happy and live peacefully. She also doubted that if she didn’t go to God, the human, who were increasingly indulging themselves in “World Wars” would soon annihilate themselves by fighting with each other.

God appeared before Gaia, smiled and said: “You’re most unique among all your brothers and sisters; the planet you held responsibility for is also the most unique. I understand your urge to see divine nature in human.” God paused for a few moments and then said,
        “So, from now on, each and every human would be born with the same abilities. They won’t be great from the births but they’ll become great by their endeavors. Their only mission on the earth would be to find what they love; their destiny and then they’d have to keep trailing towards it. Whatever they’d need in order to reach their destiny would be always available, either around them or within them.
In this way every human would be able to stand among the great men and be great himself.”

God said and then disappeared. Gaia was smiling, she knew all her sons and daughters are great and would keep delighting her by their great deeds...

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