Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer's Here -A Tribute to Typical Modern Summer

Summer's here and I'm buying a lot of cold drink,
Ignoring the small child looking hopefully at me.
Though I close my eyes and pretend not to see,
But he and million others don't even get good water to drink.

Summer's here and my mother asked me not to get out,
She asked me not to get out of my home.
But what about those who are always out,
Those who have no home?

Summer's here and my Grandma asked me to keep an onion when I go out,
As soon as I got out I took the onion & threw it out.
The onion rolled and reached a woman whose child was crying loud,
She thanked me and said he'll eat something today without a doubt.

Summer's here and my Girlfriend asked me to bath a day twice,
Surely I'll get the water, though most of the rivers have dried.
The crops are failing and the cattle have died,
But surely sweety, I'll bath twice.

Summer's here and my room's AC, fan & cooler are on,
At some far village, a boy's board exams are going on.
Studying in an oil lamp he has no fan or lights to turn on,
I lived in a village too I had the same, but now living in National Capital, I waste electricity on & on.

Summer's here and the life in summer is like an ice cube floating in the water;
A little of it can be seen while the most part is hidden.
We're indulged in our petty desires, leaving World's all pains for later;
And we don't do much to help those in need, as if it's God-Forbidden.

Summer's here and it will be gone & so will be the upcoming winter and the rain;
And we'll replace one pleasure with another just to run away from the pain.
So I guess that the World's problem will always remain,
Let us all stand up and do something rather than just complain.

We all will see the bright sun rising between the mountains,
No matter if it's the Summer or the Winter or the Rain.
We'll overcome the sufferings, the needs and the pain,
And we'll see it, when the Summer will be here again, this time we're so certain.


Julia said...

Never cared about this face of summer. Always ignored it. Thanks Man of Wisdom for letting me know.
Is it from your travel to some hot country?
Love and Light,

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this--reminds me of one of mine:
i'm embarrassed to tell you
we spent $100 U.S. Dollars
at our corner market today
your corners have no markets,
no wells, no faucets
your child has no bath,
while i scold mine for
too much splashing
on the floor
too much excess...
what is it all for?
our children see
fireworks shows
at theme parks
yours flee gun-fire
and smoke
and now i really
must rest
my head
(we bought
a new mattress,
and bedroom set)
but tonite i wonder
is your bed?

All the best,
samantha peters terrell

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