Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tears of the Sky -An Inspiring Poem for Earth Day

Has this thought ever came into your sight?
When you looked up in the Night?
The falling rain as the tears of the sky?
The loud thunder as its loud cries?

What do you think why do you cry?
When you're hurt or someone has blown dirt in your eyes?
This is what happens with that beautiful sky,
When it rains without season as the sky cries.

'Cause you put smoke and dust in the eyes of the sky,
The toxins from industries rising  up and high.
 Now the trees are cut and the rivers are dry,
Most creatures you've killed as the living ones sigh.

Why do you always curse your mother?
The mother who suffered pain but still gave you birth?
Though you may not agree but there's still another,
The Mother who gave everything, you call earth?

And my selfish friend what would you say to your children?
When they'll live and die below the hot sun.
Without Water, food, Trees or Greenery, with just hunger, thirst and a barren land.
From yourself you run now, from your children then would you run?

Blossoming Fields, Blessing Greenery and a Happy Earth, if you want to see,
Save Water, Plant more trees and don't waste the Energy.
Don't throw what you can eat and save the Electricity;
We don't mean don't use, but please use efficiently

Don't cry, don't make excuses, don't be sad or get mad;
There's still time for us if together all of us try.
On this Earth Day see the Better World that we can have ahead,
Now let's stop the tears of the earth and tears of the Beautiful sky.

"Happy Earth Day"
Share and Spread for a Better Planet, A Brighter World and a Happy Tomorrow :)

Here are 50 simple ways in which you can save our Planet Earth.
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Cane said...

Beautiful Poem. Happy Earth Day

Julia said...

Happy Earth Day Man of Wisdom!!!
Love and Light

4 to 5 said...

happy earth day bro. the first tweet of the day and a beautiful poem.

Emma said...

Wow! You don't miss any-any damn single day ever declared! I'd love to marry you!!! Hehe, you'll never miss any of our special days!! plus you would write beautiful poetry for me and give wisdom! lol!
Happy earth day to you too!!! love xoxoxo

Julia said...

every one loves man of wisdom emma. He just delights with everything. See he reminds how every day is gifted and how everyone can make a change. Hahaha, good one though, "will remember each day". Love and light.

4lice said...

h4ppE EartH DaY 2 U2 :)

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