Saturday, April 14, 2012

A World without 3-D :The Project for a Better World - A Beginning


"I want to take my last breath in a World without 3-D,
The 3-D are Diseases, Disasters and Despair.
A World without cowardice and scarce,
Where everyone lives their life without hardships or fear.

A World without Hunger and Diseases,
Where physical and mental suffering ceases.
Everyone gets and eats, to them whatever pleases,
An Unchained Harmony of Cured Human spirit, finally itself releases.

A World without Instability and Disasters,
Where millions aren't wiped by Nature's holocaustic encounters.
More lives can be saved from Tsunami, Earthquakes, Floods and Fires,
And May no matter how long this fight lasts, our spirit never retires.

A World without Grief and Despair,
Where flow of life hasn't been damaged beyond repair.
Where being Happy isn't a challenge but a breath of fresh air.
And the World is free of problems, since everyone care.

A World without Suffocation and Pollution,
Where five Elements of Nature and its creatures are free of any intoxication.
A planet where Nature's resources are repleted after their consumption,
The Earth is served not as a God but as a Mother, with devotion.

A World without Biochemical and Nuclear arsenals;
Where survival of Life of Billions, don't depend on handful of people.
A World without Drugs, Crimes and Criminals,
A World which has defeated Slavery and Illiteracy, in howsoever long Battles.

A World with Peace without Terrorism, Disputes and Wars,
A World with equality without rich or poor class.
A colorful World without skin-color induced scars.
World blessed by Gods without fights for religion or caste.

Love me or Hate me, Be with me or Against me, Support me or Oppose me;
Call it stupidity, absurdity, falsity or impossibility or better come and join hands with me.
My life is devoted, now let it take whatever it may be;
But when I'll die, you'll see, I'll take my last breath in a World without 3-D."
*The 3-D are Diseases, Disasters and Despair*
*And like all of you, I too Love 3-D movies :)*

We'll update here more about "The Project for a Better World without 3-D". There is no membership for it, if you want to see+make the World a better place, you're it's member! It's a project, a cause and an ideology. We've just begun but for a few past posts we've been posting about it. You can read them below, under "Older Posts".
Right now two people are associated with it, here's more about them-
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Till the next time,
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Paul said...

Really Great, awesome message i also want to take my last breath in a world without 3D. Thanks a lot for posting, the world needs it. Please write more about this project for i too want to be associated with it, thanks.
good luck

4 to 5 said...

Man it should go to UN or somethin genius.

Julia said...

Beautiful poem, for a beautiful world. Please tell how everyone can contribute to make the world a better place like this.
Definitely it should go to UN!
Love and Light,

jose kush said...

its really awesome.i love the poem

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